Friday, January 1, 2010

Learning to use this magical program! Enjoy my discoveries!


So yeah, Connie downloaded Windows live-writer to my computer before she left back to her life in Arizona.  Last post was my first try and as you can tell by the size of the pictures, I didn’t get it quite yet.  Here is my 2nd try with Live Writer!

Disney World Dec 09 018

As you can tell, this particular blog is devoted to our Magical Moments of Disney Resort Living.   Be sure to bring along the people that you love, and start having those times never to be forgotten!  0’ and a bit of money helps too!


I love this picture taken at the Magic Kingdom Dec. 17th.  I love Christmas-y pictures and this one at Donald’s Very Merry Christmas Tree Lot sets the mood!

Disney World Dec 09 131

Of course  being with my Handsome Prince sharing magical times was the real thrill.  Back off Princess, he’s mine!

Disney World Dec 09 166

Back to the resort! This is the street view of the Shades of Green Disney Military Resort in Orlando Florida.  This was taken on the day we arrived, Wednesday Dec. 16, 2009.  We decided to go for a walk.

 Disney World Dec 09 007

Shades of Green is a big-time golf haven, and we went exploring!  I did back away from the waters (after I took this picture of course)!

Disney World Dec 09 011

This is what we discovered out on the golf course!

Disney World Dec 09 057 Disney World Dec 09 078

Lots of Deer and Wild Turkeys!

Disney World Dec 09 070

And this amazing couple enjoying themselves!

Disney World Dec 09 083

Later that night we went to Downtown Disney and took this picture!

Disney World Dec 09 097

Before I forget, on the 19th of December, 2009, when we got the snow delay in DC and couldn’t go home, we went exploring the other resorts.  This is a gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian.  Prices at this resort start at $700 and go to $3,000 per room /per night!  Needless to say, we  won’t be staying there anytime soon!

Disney World Dec 09 365

Other posts coming soon.  My life with Lynn is indeed so magical!

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You guys look so cute- what a fun vacation! You are doing well with the program- lookin good!

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