Saturday, July 17, 2010

That lost picture from Father’s Day 2010 and my Beautiful Kitchen Floor!





So these pictures were on another SIM Card, but they couldn’t be accessed by this computer without putting them on a CD, which I did today while Dad and I were out at CVS.  Dad was sufficiently spoiled by all of you, except for spending the day with you, which he often tells me he would like to do.  August will be here soon enough and then he will get that wish. 

So, the story behind the flooring is quite simple really.  Home Depot had the flooring for a good price and it appeared that the installation would be reasonable as well.  But, in the final analysis, the installation was going to cost us $800.00 and I couldn’t see paying that for the size of our kitchen we have!  Since Dad and I had done all the other work around here so well, I told him I would like us to  install the kitchen floor as well.  Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!  DSCN1944

That’s 5 layers of old flooring to take off!


Dirty, nasty, work, but Dad removed the majority of it while I took car of the upkeep, and registration, etc. of the cars, and did the shopping that needed to be done.



This levels the floor a bit by patching the holes in it.



Yet another trip to Home Depot was in order for this and other projects around the house!DSCN1952


Here I am contributing!


This layer goes on the cement and is a vapor barrier.


This layer is second and is for padding.


DSCN1967 The first picture was the end of the second night.  This was the end of the first.



Did you happen to notice this massive saw?  A friend of Dad’s from work loaned it to him---it made the cutting of the planks of wood go really smoothly---literally!


Molly decided to sleep through our work!  At first she wanted to come in to help, but we had to tell her to go away, so this is where she ended up!


The third night, we still had to remove the flooring that the refrigerator was on top of.


And of course, we had to clean the floor there.DSCN1986

But the next night, we were just about complete with our project soDSCN1985

We went to get a treat at 7-11.


This night was Wednesday July 14, 2010 and it was finishing night and finally time to install the stove.  I knew I had to take a picture of our stove’s home in the living room since we ordered it on Brody’s birthday March 26, 2010.  Let’s see, we only had it in the living room just shy of four months!  Crazy, huh?  I even did my work-out DVD’s in the morning in the living room working around it for the nearly four months of it co-existing with me in the living room!


That night was also bulk trash pick-up eve.  We got rid of all that nasty flooring and Molly’s dog house that she never really used!


And finally I helped put the stove in my kitchen again after 4 months of being in the living room!  Hey, don’t stoves belong in living rooms?DSCN1995

Molly looks like she thinks they do!


This is our kitchen now---after 4 months of workDSCN1989


And this is the couple that made the kitchen transform from drab to fab!  Aren’t we amazing?DSCN2006



Today, Dad and I went to Home Depot again and we bought some cute blinds which he installed in the window nearest the kitchen table.  I have learned that we are never truly finished with our home improvement projects, but then again, why would we want to be?  Dad and I are having bonding moments, and I never want that to end!  We make a great team, don’t ya’ think?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th of July 2010 in pictures!

FEB-JUL 2010 693

FEB-JUL 2010 696

    FEB-JUL 2010 694

2nd of July, 2010

FEB-JUL 2010 701

FEB-JUL 2010 703

FEB-JUL 2010 699

3rd of July, 2010

FEB-JUL 2010 702FEB-JUL 2010 691 FEB-JUL 2010 705 FEB-JUL 2010 706

FEB-JUL 2010 708

FEB-JUL 2010 710 FEB-JUL 2010 711

FEB-JUL 2010 716

FEB-JUL 2010 713

FEB-JUL 2010 715FEB-JUL 2010 722

FEB-JUL 2010 721

4th of July 2010

FEB-JUL 2010 720FEB-JUL 2010 718

FEB-JUL 2010 717

FEB-JUL 2010 724 FEB-JUL 2010 704

FEB-JUL 2010 725

FEB-JUL 2010 719

FEB-JUL 2010 730 FEB-JUL 2010 736 FEB-JUL 2010 739

Mikey called us!  He was on his way to Grandma Nelson’s for a barbecue!

FEB-JUL 2010 738

FEB-JUL 2010 747

FEB-JUL 2010 744

FEB-JUL 2010 750

FEB-JUL 2010 749

FEB-JUL 2010 741 FEB-JUL 2010 753 5th of July 2010

FEB-JUL 2010 684

We also went to see Shrek 3 that day and both had “allergy attacks” at the end of it!  Love, Mom

FEB-JUL 2010 697