Sunday, March 13, 2011

Run for your Life! (And other lives too)! Saturday March 12, 2011

I I was invited by Perris to come visit him this year in Provo, Utah.  This is how we spent the day today.: We ran the Rex Lee Cancer Cure Run in Provo, Utah, and despite the hills, and elevation, we both did well for ourselves and enjoyed the cause.  We have plans to run it again next year!  After that, we took Sandy (the car) to get fixed at Sears, and then went to Wingers in the  mall to eat! After that, we shopped for new running shoes for Perris, since the pair he had on today gave him blisters (he had them since high school)!  After our shopping, we saw Battle:  Los Angeles, and yesterday we saw Rango, so the movie posters are appropriate.  After the movie, we came back to the hotel to watch BYU basketball.  Later, we shopped for food for a dinner I am making Marian's family tomorrow, but today, Perris treated me to a homemade meal extraordinaire!  It was truly a wonderous day!