Monday, October 31, 2011

Parents Weekend at BYU/Halloween Fun 2011

So we went to visit Perris and Elyse and we were wearing our BYU fleece, for chilly it was on our fun, so we decided we definately needed to run! We all did really well, and felt very swell about our run that day, so we decided to play a game of bowling to continue the day and may I just say I won that game, (it wasn't a shame), and then we went to eat lunch, at Legends Grille where Perris once worked, and now all four of us lurked to fill our tummies with glee and then we all walked to the stadium where we had to pay a fee to watch the game of the century, BYU against against Idaho State, (we were just a tad bit late), and BYU already scored, and each and every time they did, we heard the fans and Cougar Roar! 56 to 3 was the final score, so you can see the game was definately not a bore! Later that day, Perris and Elyse went off to play by themselves so Dad and I reminisced and saw the places on campus where we met and we first kissed! Four of you guys and 5 grandkids that please, we are amazed at what we achieved! When we got home to Va., to the pumpkin patch we did roam, to buy the great pumpkin you now can see, and Dad carved it into this years design, a very scary Mickey! For that was the design on the t-shirts we bought at DisneyWorld on Friday the 7th, and and believe it or not, we bought that pumpkin on the 11th. Now it is the 30th and it is ready and carved and now with the pumpkin seeds we made, we surely will not starve! Happy Parent's Week-End!  Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Funner that Way!

I want you all to read this and do so with ease, so I created this little poem I thought just might please...In September we celebrated Lynn's birthday no.52, and I thought, "Could it really be true?" For 25 he looks to me, and my heart he does truly fill with glee, so much so that in October he and I to Disney World did roam, leaving Arlington and our condo life home, to play at Mickey's place of abode, though at 3/4 size could it really be up to code? The 1st day was at Disney Hollywood Studios spent, and on the 2nd day to the Magic Kingdom we went. The rain it did come on both days of play, but we were not bothered, for it's funner that way~! Enjoy the pictures (it's our recent montage), and if you please, leave a comment on this blog!