Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania September 19, 2009

  Happy 50th Birthday Lynn 039

  Happy 50th Birthday Lynn 011

Happy 50th Birthday Lynn 006

.  Connie remarked back in September that she missed being part of our daily life and wanted to keep up with the exciting things we were doing.  I resisted blogging for awhile, since I was under the false assumption that I could just email pictures of the family to family in other states.  One minor problem was that I had too many pictures and not enough memory on my email to send them!  I had to cave, and start a blog.  But, unfortunately, I just began where in October and the family was never able to see the event that started all this talk of blogging!  Now, direct from my computer picture file, you are able to view some seen and some never before seen pictures of how Mike, Dad and I spent his birthday on  Saturday September 19, 2009.Happy 50th Birthday Lynn 012

Pittsburgh was playing the San Diego Padres, a California team no less, but we got these free hats and right then decided to root for the Pirates!Happy 50th Birthday Lynn 018

It was a hot day, and Dad wanted to sit in the shade, so that’s what our 20 dollar tickets got us!  This is Dad’s birthday meal---barbecued burger, beans, coleslaw---Not bad, since as you know,  I like my food!

Happy 50th Birthday Lynn 022

The free t-shirt toss didn’t even come close to us!

Happy 50th Birthday Lynn 025

I don’t know the Pirate Parrot’s name, (couldn’t find it with my research on the net) but he’s one of two mascot’s for the team.  The pirate above is the other, of course!Happy 50th Birthday Lynn 028

This was probably the most exciting shot of the game!  Final score was Padres 2, Pittsburgh 1 (talk about boring)!  San Diego scored one run in the third inning and the ninth inning and Pittsburgh scored in the first inning only!  (Good eye, good eye)!!!!

Happy 50th Birthday Lynn 029

Now, since some people have a hard time following my blogs because of their length, I will just add more pictures of the day, and the next.  It will be your job to add a caption or two to the comments at the end!  Enjoy and Happy 50th Year Handsome Bar!  Bar with the umlaut means bear in German for anyone who doesn’t know!

Mike, Drew, DUP 008

Mike, Drew, DUP 033 Mike, Drew, DUP 044

Mike, Drew, DUP 043

Mike, Drew, DUP 046

Mike, Drew, DUP 049 Mike, Drew, DUP 050

Mike, Drew, DUP 055

Mike, Drew, DUP 066

Mike, Drew, DUP 067

Mike, Drew, DUP 070

Mike, Drew, DUP 062Mike, Drew, DUP 064

Mike, Drew, DUP 075  

Mike, Drew, DUP 076

Mike, Drew, DUP 078

Mike, Drew, DUP 005

Mike, Drew, DUP 065

Mike, Drew, DUP 053

Mike, Drew, DUP 080

Mike, Drew, DUP 084

Mike, Drew, DUP 081

Mike, Drew, DUP 056 Mike, Drew, DUP 013

Mike, Drew, DUP 004   Mike, Drew, DUP 041Mike, Drew, DUP 002

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I bought this dress for 297 Service Points!

So, tonight there was a Service Auction at the Crystal City Ward Relief Society here in beautiful, cold  sleety, and rainy night Arlington, Virginia January 21, 2010 and  we earned points to bid on items that others donated their service to.  We earned points through various service points that were pre-printed on a piece of paper.That’s the paper and paddle I used to hold up to bid.   Hey, I got 5 points for each kid I have!  Sweet!  That was an easy 20! (makes me wish I had 4 more kids or the 9 kids Valeria Saunders has)!  There were also 41 other ways to gain points to use in the auction.  I got 10 points just for saying “I love you” to your father, and 5 points for talking on the phone with Connie earlier today.  Anyway. my grand total of service points was 297 and there were 50 various items  or services to bid on.  By far, the item I had my eye on the most was this beautiful skirt for Clara (size 12 months), and that is the item I bought!  Other ladies bid on it, but I wasn’t going to lose it to them, so I spent my wad!!!!  Lucky Clara!  Grandma can’t wait to come visit later this year and watch her toddle around in it!  Of course, before now and then, there will have to surely be matching shoes, and top, and hair bow, etc! The lesson from this post to one and all is that God rewards the good deed doers, and go hug someone today—It’s National Hugging Day!   Don’t let the opportunity skirt by !  (I crack myself up)!  Sending out this hug for all!  Love, Honey, Mother, Grandma Nelson, Momma Nelson and anything else you want to call me (as long as it is good)!DSCN0004

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Temple Lights/Snow removal in Arlington

    January 2010 115

These are the Washington DC Temple Lights, all taken before Lynn’s camera battery dies.


January 2010 112

I didn’t even get a picture of the manger, etc, but this was simply gorgeous!  Dad and I went on January 2, 2010 and did some names of my Laredo, Texas sister, Cecilia Soto.  We’ll go again in February near Valentine’s to do sealings.

January 2010 113

January 2010 108 It was sure cold and windy that day.  Here’s Lynn outside the beautiful Temple!

About Snow Removal: Thought you would like to know what Arlington does with it’s snow!

January 2010 144

Yup, they kinda just leave it blocking the parking lot of the local Safeway(s) and Staples!  Who needs to park anyway?   Perhaps we can park in May when it thaws sufficiently!

January 2010 145

Friday, January 1, 2010

My Favorite Things


1st Verse (Sing along)!  Young Annie, and Connie and Michael and Perris, Christmas 1994 013   Singing for Santa in one joyful chorus!

Christmas 1994 028 

Having a husband that so adores me!

FEB 09 143

These are a few of my favorite things!

2nd Verse: Grandkids and grown kids and all of the spouses Sharing good times full of family faces

CA Trip Nov 2009 035

CA Trip Nov 2009 029

     CA Trip Nov 2009 137

CA Trip Nov 2009 480CA Trip Nov 2009 804 CA Trip Nov 2009 003

Christmas 2009 175



TRIP TO UCLA 2009 048   Family Moments all blogged with some zing---  These are a few of my favorite things!

Christmas 2009 226



   IMG_041227th Anniversary 2009 027

92685393_3297926Christmas 2009 261

NATS GAME 2009 001

Christmas 2009 142

Christmas Eve 2009 085 CA Trip Nov 2009 329

CA Trip Nov 2009 361

CA Trip Nov 2009 447

CA Trip Nov 2009 546

CA Trip Nov 2009 865

CA Trip Nov 2009 872

When Perris is away, on his mission in Spain, and we’re feeling sad, let’s simply remember these family times, and then we won’t feel sooo bad!

Christmas 2009 171


Happy New Year 2010 Everyone!  I love you all!