Friday, January 1, 2010

My Favorite Things


1st Verse (Sing along)!  Young Annie, and Connie and Michael and Perris, Christmas 1994 013   Singing for Santa in one joyful chorus!

Christmas 1994 028 

Having a husband that so adores me!

FEB 09 143

These are a few of my favorite things!

2nd Verse: Grandkids and grown kids and all of the spouses Sharing good times full of family faces

CA Trip Nov 2009 035

CA Trip Nov 2009 029

     CA Trip Nov 2009 137

CA Trip Nov 2009 480CA Trip Nov 2009 804 CA Trip Nov 2009 003

Christmas 2009 175



TRIP TO UCLA 2009 048   Family Moments all blogged with some zing---  These are a few of my favorite things!

Christmas 2009 226



   IMG_041227th Anniversary 2009 027

92685393_3297926Christmas 2009 261

NATS GAME 2009 001

Christmas 2009 142

Christmas Eve 2009 085 CA Trip Nov 2009 329

CA Trip Nov 2009 361

CA Trip Nov 2009 447

CA Trip Nov 2009 546

CA Trip Nov 2009 865

CA Trip Nov 2009 872

When Perris is away, on his mission in Spain, and we’re feeling sad, let’s simply remember these family times, and then we won’t feel sooo bad!

Christmas 2009 171


Happy New Year 2010 Everyone!  I love you all!


Connie said...

I love your favorite things- you have an amazing ability to rhyme and song write. (: I love you!
you are one of my favorite things too

Melody said...

Connie, Did you see the gingerbread house we made that year? I do believe we made the gingerbread first--we had to have done that---we weren't wealthy enough then to have afforded a kit! That was a sweet gingerbread house! Love, Mother p.s. What say ye we make our future houses from scratch? Love, Mom

Connie said...

sounds good to me! Although more work and whatnot but it will be bigger and better! I do remember you making the houses from scratch. What a crafty mom you are

Anonymous said...

I love the old picture of my kids! Aren't they great? JED

Melody said...

Yes they are Bar, Love Honey (You Ain't Jed to me)!

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