Friday, January 1, 2010

What is Freezing Rain?

Christmas 2009 310 Christmas 2009 305 Christmas 2009 304 

I woke up to it on New Year’s Eve 2009, and Dad’s boss called the night before saying he didn’t have to come to work that day because of it!

  Christmas 2009 300Christmas 2009 298

Christmas 2009 295

Christmas 2009 299

Christmas 2009 307

Freezing rain made the tennis court slick, but that’s whats left of the saguaro cactus snow statue on New Year’s Eve!  Enjoy the freezing rain!

Christmas 2009 302


Connie said...

that looks really pretty but that would be freaky to drive in!

Anne said...

wow that's something you don't see in California! Happy New year Mom and Dad

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