Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday July 7, 2010 A little bit of this and that!

   FEB-JUL 2010 001

This was my Mother, Maria B. Jensen’s 84th birthday, June 19, 2010---There’s Monika, Jennifer, Mom, and of course, Me---Melody Nelson!

FEB-JUL 2010 383

FEB-JUL 2010 437

FEB-JUL 2010 444

Mother’s Day 2010---Thanks family for spoiling me!  (Keep it up next year---I like it)!


FEB-JUL 2010 678

FEB-JUL 2010 679 

FEB-JUL 2010 670


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FEB-JUL 2010 644

Father’s Day 2010!  I really did take a picture of Dad with all his presents, but now I can’t find it to put it in here!   

He loved his presents from you all!

FEB-JUL 2010 681

FEB-JUL 2010 690

Tug of War---Molly Style---taken about one week ago!

FEB-JUL 2010 760

Today I went to the Red Door Salon and had the lady apply my make-up!  A mother of one of the children in my class gave me a free coupon for it---without the coupon, the  make-up application is $60.00!  Whatayathink?

Connie, and Annie, now there’s a side job you could do for people!FEB-JUL 2010 161

Fairlington Pizza---sometimes our datenights on Saturday’s or Monday’s as they have the $10.00 pizza deal!  I didn’t lighten my hair since then, I just got a decent haircut from a lady who listened to me when I told her I wanted bangs!

FEB-JUL 2010 635

Lastly for now, Your Dad and I at the Washington, DC Temple on June 30, 2010.  A lady was passing by and I asked her to take our picture.  I think this one is a great one of Dad, Me, the grounds, and the Temple!  Enjoy


Connie said...

I love the update! I'm glad you got to visit grandma- I miss her! and I'm glad you had a great mother's day! Molly looks great- too bad she's been sick.. :(

And thanks. Now I want my very own cheese pizza.

haha (;

Connie said...

Oh and I guess the way to win daddy's heart is to wrap his gifts in a harley davidson box... or just get him something from there. Forget his amazon wishlist I'm getting him Harley junk! (not a harley tho sorry dad)

JED said...

I was being sarcastic Connie. The happy surprised look on my face over the tie was because of two reasons; one I was there when your mom bought it, and two, who wants a tie for FATHER'S DAY? I loved my Father's Day gifts, all of them. It was like my birthday and I thank all of my kids for it.

Mike said...

Just so you know dad, fathersday bankrupted me so it looks like you get nothing for your birthday this year...well, maybe a phone call ;)

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