Sunday, June 13, 2010

How we spent our Saturday afternoon June 12, 2010


Now that your Dad has finally gotten steady employment, I decided to take him motorcylce shopping.  Enjoy some of those we considered:DSCN1560

That one looked like this:  Smell it!  Sweet ride!DSCN1569




And then we left Patriot Harley Davidson Motorcylces in Fairfax, Va. and started talking about our goals for the family (of which you all are a part)

The next thing I know we are at Rosenthal Jeep and Chevy on Columbia Pike closer to home, and Dad buys me this:


It happens to be a 2010 Jeep Compass!  It’s a nice, pretty green 5 seater with Sirius Satellite Radio, a sunroof,reclining back seats,  speakers attached to the hatchback of the car for when we have a beach party, etc.  In short, it has more bells and whistles than I have ever had ever in a vehicle, plus it’s a pretty car!  And, it will make the next ten years of road-trips extremely comfortable!  Who’s coming with me first?

DSCN1579 DSCN1580 DSCN1583

Will Dad ever get his sweet ride?  If I can help it, it will be a resounding “Yes!”  For now, I wanted to thank my man for spoiling me!  I’m a lucky girl to have such a handsome, wonderful husband!  Road-trip anyone?


JED said...

I will roadtrip with you, but only if I can drive it! I hope you enjoy the ride! LUB BAR

Melody said...

You're on! How about the 26th of June week-end? That's when I am done with the school year! I love you bar! You're the best! Love, your honey, Melody p.s. Anyone else?

Connie said...

I'm down for a road trip! DANG! Love the ride! We're jeep fans over here majorly so that's even better! (Did you know Tony wrote me on his mission asking me which car he should get- naturally I voted for a jeep. He got it, and now it's our family car! too cute) (:

Oh- and Brody approves he said, OOOOOHHhh CAR! When he saw it. Also, I hope dad gets his bike someday. I always thought it was so awesome he had that ol bullet bike in the shed.

Melody said...

Let's go Connie! Right now, there's room for your whole family, but when the baby comes, then I will only have room for the kids! Love, Mother

Mike said...

I think you should have gone with the harley! I am actually thinking of getting myself a motorcycle for the better gas mileage and the lane splitting capabilities for LA rush hour traffic! Anyways sweet new car mom...RIP sandy you will be missed...ok maybe not with such a cool new one to take her place. Sorry but everyone knows I dislike car trips that exceed an hour. They are more bearable if I drive....but not even a new car could get me to enjoy carsickness

Anne said...

Awesome mom I love it. I was very surprised to read this post. Sounds like you will have fun!

cecy said...

wow sis, you sure are spoiled,congrats sis..luv-ya...:)

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