Sunday, July 11, 2010

2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th of July 2010 in pictures!

FEB-JUL 2010 693

FEB-JUL 2010 696

    FEB-JUL 2010 694

2nd of July, 2010

FEB-JUL 2010 701

FEB-JUL 2010 703

FEB-JUL 2010 699

3rd of July, 2010

FEB-JUL 2010 702FEB-JUL 2010 691 FEB-JUL 2010 705 FEB-JUL 2010 706

FEB-JUL 2010 708

FEB-JUL 2010 710 FEB-JUL 2010 711

FEB-JUL 2010 716

FEB-JUL 2010 713

FEB-JUL 2010 715FEB-JUL 2010 722

FEB-JUL 2010 721

4th of July 2010

FEB-JUL 2010 720FEB-JUL 2010 718

FEB-JUL 2010 717

FEB-JUL 2010 724 FEB-JUL 2010 704

FEB-JUL 2010 725

FEB-JUL 2010 719

FEB-JUL 2010 730 FEB-JUL 2010 736 FEB-JUL 2010 739

Mikey called us!  He was on his way to Grandma Nelson’s for a barbecue!

FEB-JUL 2010 738

FEB-JUL 2010 747

FEB-JUL 2010 744

FEB-JUL 2010 750

FEB-JUL 2010 749

FEB-JUL 2010 741 FEB-JUL 2010 753 5th of July 2010

FEB-JUL 2010 684

We also went to see Shrek 3 that day and both had “allergy attacks” at the end of it!  Love, Mom

FEB-JUL 2010 697


Connie said...

clearly, the ward party needs a new photographer.... why have a backdrop if you are going to show everything else around it! haha! just kidding... anyway, I love the pics although where's the one of you guys all happy when I CALLED! haha jk again. I love you guys! Glad dad got his cherries and Molly looks great. Mmm homemade fries... you look so cute mom(: See you both real soon!!!

JED said...

I agree that the ward needs a new photographer. Will you volunteer Connie? There is no money in it, but you do get blessings...

The new gas grill is grate! It made the 4th of July for me. That was one very tasty steak. Mom is a great cook, and I loved the cherries. She knows the way to my heart through my stomach.

Melody said...

I agree! The ward does need a photographer---are you available? (Have camera, will travel)! I was thrilled when you called, but since you were busy with your wonderful family that night making a delicious pasta dish, and we talked ever so briefly, that picture didn't get taken! I am ALWAYS estatic to hear from you. Can't wait to see you! Love, Mother

Melody said...

Regarding Dad's comment, for those of you that don't know, at our very first meeting, Dad asked me when (not if) I was going to invite him over for dinner. He was trying to see if his stomache could last a lifetime of my food! It looks like I passed!

mike said...

looks like you guys had a tastey time. Mom, why didn't you cook yourself a steak and give dad a hotdog? Did you guys see shrek in 3d? I hate 3d so I will wait for it to come out on dvd to watch it....unless you tell me it sucked and then I wont waste my time at all on it.

Melody said...

Well, the reason I did not give Dad a hot dog was because the steaks came in a two pack and actually it was doing me a favor for him to eat it as that is just too much food for me!(JK about the reason, but it sounds plausible, doesn't it)? And no, we did not see it Shrek 3 in 3D, because like you,we hate 3D. Shrek 3 was good in 2D. I would recommend it! Love, Mom

Connie said...

i hate 3d too! Those glasses hurt and it wasn't even that cool. haha "blessings" haha dad you're funny. Seriously though that's so funny that photographer did that. WHAT?! haha.

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