Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Magical Christmas 2009



I love family pictures.  I mean, I really love family pictures. Here is the  family picture taken this year on Christmas Day.  It was truly magical to have Michael, Tony, Brody, Connie, and Lynn be “home for  Christmas” this year.Christmas 2009 101

  Santa was really good to all of us this year!

Christmas 2009 082I loved my gifts!

Lynn ended up with a few Arabic study manuals!  Go Jed Rock!

Christmas 2009 070Christmas 2009 085Michael needed some new t-shirts!  Lynn and I found this one at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida.

Christmas 2009 026 This came in handy to the UCLA vs. Temple game held December 29th at RFK Stadium here in Washington DC.  It was 29 degrees when the game started and in wind chill, that was 19 degrees!  It was about 4 degrees colder when the game ended.  BRRR.  UCLA won 30 to 21!  Go Bruins!

Christmas 2009 029 As usual, Connie picked the warm sweater  out at Aeropostale.  (Christmas Tradition and Christmas hit---especially this year in chilly DC)!

Christmas 2009 047 Brody rakes in the gifts this year!  Mostly Brody got cars from Disney Pixars Cars and also a tag reader system from Leap Frog.

Christmas 2009 086 Intently playing with his car !

Christmas 2009 106 That’s Brody’s “Cars” play-tent Brody is playing in.  It’s also an activity center where Brody can kick a soccer ball into, throw a basketball into a hoop, and golf, etc.  Naturally, he is a natural at it and takes to it like a duck to water!  Presenting future Athlete of the Year, Brody Michael Balluff!

Christmas 2009 103 We discovered that Brody loves Candy Canes!

“Candy Cane?” became Brody’s way of asking for more!

Christmas 2009 041 Head Chef and Barbecue Master Tony gets a barbecue tool set complete with personalized Monogram from Williams Sonoma!  We’ll be expecting great barbecue when we come to

visit Arizona in the future Tony!

Christmas 2009 036 Connie and Brody in front of the Yule Log on Christmas Day opening part of Brody’s Tag Reader System!

Christmas 2009 093 Since Lynn and I had just returned from Florida, there were Chocolate Alligators/Crocodiles instead of Chocolate Santa’s in the stockings!

Christmas 2009 013 Christmas Crepes ( Eaten before opening presents, I might add!)

Christmas 2009 019 Connie and Tony open a UCLA

Ornament from Mike!  I got one too and love mine!

Christmas 2009 066

Ask Connie how I ended up keeping these jeans!  It’s a cool story!Christmas 2009 067

Christmas 2009 059 I got Pink Soothing Body Lotion!

Christmas 2009 137 All of us got to talk to Perris in Spain.  This picture of course, is  Connie having a conversation with him—she here at our condo in Arlington, Va and he is far-away Spain.. We even called Grandma Nelson and Anne and Silas’ Family in California and they talked to him too!  How truly magical it is to have a Missionary out at Christmas-time proclaiming the gospel.  Perris even sharedChristmas 2009 134  his testimony with me before he hung up. If ever there were magic moments, this would be them!  Thank you Perris!

Christmas 2009 129  Christmas 2009 133

After we finished talking to Perris it was time to eat Christmas dinner.  I had three different types of meat, A Smithfield Smoked Ham, a Pop-eyes Cajun Turkey and a beef tenderloin.  And there the family is enjoying Christmas dinner.Christmas 2009 142

After dinner, I went to see New Moon or “Twighlight 2” with Connie and Tony.  I so will be seeing the 3rd one!  Brody stayed with Dad and Mike doing manly man things until we got home!  Thanks to Michael, Tony, Connie, Brody and Lynn for a very Merry and Magical Christmas 2009!  I love you all! 


Connie said...

Great post mom!! What a fun trip- I wish we were still there partying it up. Maybe next time we come we'll know to plan a longer trip. Thanks for everything- I can't wait to blog about it.
Actually, I didn't get mike a sweater from Aero- I did at first but then found a better one at Dillards for him.

So I'm curious, how long did this post take? Are you liking the new program?
Also, if you want to make pics bigger click on them and drag out the corners to resize. If you want the pictures centered you have to create a space in between the words and the picture- click on the picture and find the button that allows you to center it. There's just some more tips for ya! Love you mom! We had BLAST!

Melody said...

Thanks for the tips Connie. I was a wondering! I found the corner maker and the size thing, but the medium was too big, so I just stuck with the small. It took me longer to blog than it should have, but a lot shorter than usual thanks to the program. The pictures happen quicker. Thank you for this. I have so much more to blog, so keep checking back. Mike's still here until Saturday, so I don't know how much I can get done before then (need Mike time too , you know), but if he's sleeping and I'm awake, then I'll be here a sharing! Love, Mother. P.s. I wish you were still here too!

Connie said...

No, like I said you can pull the edges of the picture (if it is clicked) you'll see small boxes that you will click in and use to drag. That way you can make it any size- you don't have to click on small medium or large... those are just suggestions.

I'll check back!

Tony said...

thanks for everything we had so much fun!

Melody said...

You are so welcome Tony---we had fun too. Hey Lynn has until the 15th to use the one month subscription to XBoX 3360 live. I know he would love to play with you. Just let him know when! Love, Momma Nelson

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