Sunday, May 29, 2011


This Honda Shadow motorcycle was bought for Dad on Saturday April 9, 2011

This is the current parking place, but once the sticker gets on the car,
 it will change to our parking lot.

He added a seat for me, so I can ride in style!

He has had this shirt forever, but not this motorcycle!

Our recent Temple trip to the DC temple on
Saturday May 21, 2011. 
The skirt I wore once belonged to my
grandmother. I love my grandmother so I am
very happy to own a skirt of hers.

Lynn said it would look great with any of my
blouses, so I had to see!

Kentucky for memorial day week-end!  I told Brody to say "cheese!"
You can tell, he did!  Hyrum was cute as ever!

Connie and I outside of the Patton Museum at Ft. Knox,
Kentucky.  There were a lot of reenactments going on, and lots
of vehicles to go with that of all kinds, but we posed by this tank!

Brody was given a helmet and gun
by one of Patton's men.

I told "Jed Rock" to show him how to hold it properly.
He learned the first time with no repeat teaching!
Later on we all went to the
Louisville Slugger Museum and
Factory.  I really enjoyed it and at the end
 of the factory tour
 they give you little souvenir bats!  Hyrum even got one!

I have more pictures to share, so keep following the post
this next week!


Mike said...

Wonderful post! I have been waiting patiently to see that bike and it looks like you are having a wonderful weekend in Kentucky... Good job to B-man for learning to hold that weapon properly! That boy is getting big quick!

PERRIS said...

glad to see you blogged about everything BEFORE my visit, and then everything AFTER my visit. I see how I rate!
jk. great post. love you.

Connie said...

haha Perris' comment is funny. I'm just glad you blogged! I love dad's bike! I'd be freaked out but I've always wanted a ride on one... eh eh?

Connie said...

ps. I like the blue shirt on you with Mutti's skirt A LOT! And... my boys are so cute.

JED said...

I love my family. I had a great time in Kentucky, Brody and Hyrum were great! I miss the rest of the family. It would be great if I could have you all visit! I really miss Xander, Everett, and Clara!

Mike said...

just patiently waiting for your next post. its been a while and i like seeing what you 2 are up to.

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