Monday, September 5, 2011

How I spent my summer vacation

Well, you can see, it was a great summer vacation! On August 13, 2011, Mike married Arely Sanchez and Perris married Elyse McBride in the San Diego Temple. What a ceremony. Lynn and I celebrated 29 years August 25, and Perris and Elyse joined our celebrations of the evening! That's us with "Mouse Ears" as my gift to Lynn was 4 day passes to Disneyworld! We will go in October this year! As you can clearly see, I live for family and friends!

Here's Tony and Brody with Sand Crabs in San Diego!

Here is Christin Nelson. She is beginning her Senior year at Yucaipa High!

A cupcake run was in order when we visited Connie in Kentucky! 
Below is a picture of Elyse and I in the Independence, Missouri visitor's center. Believe it or not, we ran into some Yucaipa, Ca. friends who obliged to take our picture!  Elyse soon learned that the Missouri River outside of St. Louis is pretty slimy!  But, she rocks at bowling!

You have to swim in the summertime! Brody was sooo brave, he jumped right into the pool (suprised himself though, I was in the pool and helped him). It was cool to see Connie swim with her boys. Hyrum loved to try to drink pool water! 
Arely and I tackled this chicken nacho dish at Glen Ivy Hot Springs! They were soooo yummy, we nearly finished, and remarked that if Mike were there, we would have!

Xander enjoyed this little ride outside of Toys R Us in Redlands, but enjoyed the joke of what a "jip" it was when the ride ended after 30 seconds of going!

Clara Macie loves being outdoors and she loves swinging!

We attempted a Molino family dinner out at the Spaghetti Factory in Redlands. We didn't stay long though!

Perris and Elyse had no problem eating their dinner at the Spaghetti Factory in Provo,Utah!

Mike custom bought this bouquet for Arely, picking each flower himself!

My niece Sera, and Sister Marian and Me!

My sister Jennifer with her family in Cedar City. That's Jael in Billy's arms, ChristiAnna behind him and Jahziel next to Jennifer

Friends Randall, Thella, and Halley Burtis who I used to chase when they were young by playing "wicked witch" with them. They asked me to use my cackle voice again and I did! ....I'll get you my little pretty!

Forever Friends, Earl and Lanett Burtis. Time and distance don't matter!


Mike said...

Sounds like a lot of fun mom. I had fun for the parts I was in.... look I'm the first to comment! YAY for mikey! I love and miss you tons.

Arely said...

mmmmmaaaammmie!!!! i wanted to be the first one to write, but MIke tickle me away. It was fun having you here in Cali. cant wait to have you over at our place. xoxoxo

PERRIS said...

you had one heck of a summer kitchen lady. there is nothing better than being with the people you love and you know that. I like the back to back spaghetti factory montage!

Connie said...

I'm so blessed to get to see my parents so often even though we live far away! It doesn't even feel like we are far away thanks to your efforts to come visit. Love you guys! said...

I love all of you and am soooooooo glad I had a chance to visit! Keep loving each other! Love, Mom

JED ROCK said...

I had a great time too, but mom did not include the cross country drive we did... :(

I love my two new daughters! I had a great time in California and it's too bad it ended so quickly!

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