Saturday, May 1, 2010

It’s Molly’s 16th Birthday and here’s how we celebrated!

DSCN1261 Molly’s Birthday Treat!---A Peanut Butter sandwich on wheat bread, generous with the peanut butter!

So, if all of you don’t know her story, here’s the synopsis: 16 years ago, on May 1st I was out delivering May Flowers to my friends, Siobhan Scott being one of them.  She had a dog tied up to her tree, and Molly was loose in her yard, playing with that dog.  I had all four children in tow, driving the brown van, and Siobhan said, “I don’t want that dog!" So, I opened the van door and Molly hopped in with all the kids.  Since I had been praying for a running partner to run with me at 4:30 in the morning, and saw a dog in a dream, I figured this might be that dog I saw in the dream and took her out the next morning running with me at the golf course (by Tommy McNulty’s old house) and the rest is history!

DSCN1262 DSCN1266

The only odd reaction from Molly was that we gave her this peanut butter sandwich after we had been working all day in the kitchen, and she didn’t want to eat it in the kitchen, but wanted to eat it in the front room, where she has been eating for the past month that we’ve been working!  She’ll have to get used to the kitchen again soon!

Other than this rip roaring party for Molly, here is our progress on the kitchen.DSCN1237

DSCN1251 That’s the sink we had to special order!  That’s Jed Rock carrying it like it’s nothing!

DSCN1259 Today, I paid bills, shopped at the commissary, mailed Connie and my Mom a package, went to Home Depot with Dad, and spent from 5:30 – 9:30 finishing stripping and sanding 6 cabinet doors.  Dad said I graduate to priming on Monday!  I’m so proud!

DSCN1258 See the sink above!  See Lynn cut the whole for the sink above!  Melody is so proud of Lynn!

DSCN1252DSCN1267 See Lynn enjoy the lighting he installed underneath the cabinets!  Lynn is so smart!!!!


Connie said...

Happy Birthday Molly! What a sweet dog she is and always has been. I'm so glad she came into our family (: And thanks to you for keeping her active, she's still her alive and kickin! Thanks mom!
And dad- you are such a handyman! Tony needs to learn from you- he's not in the slightest.

Anne said...

wow 16 years translates into 112 dog years I hope she had a very woofy birthday! (xander just read and knew I wrote the word 'birthday'!)
GO MOlly it's your Birthday; GO Molly it's your birthday~

Melody said...

Actually she didn't bark too much on her birthday itself, but we made her bark the night before for rib bones, so that counts for a woofy birthday! Yeah, Dad is amazing, whatcanIsay? Love, Mother

mike said...

the kitchen is comming along both are doing a wonderful job.
Molly is 112 dog years?! wow! she is such a good dog!

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