Sunday, May 16, 2010

“He’s making a list—checking it Twice!”Sunday May 16, 2010


So, This is the list Lynn/alias Jed Rock compiled of the projects completed thus far to our kitchen renovations made possible by L&M Construction Company. (Yup, that’s Lynn and Melody Construction Company for anyone wanting some home remodeling, but I have to warn you---we are not cheap!  It is definitely

going to cost you!

1. repaired Perris' bedroom door
> 2. replaced all interior door knobs (7 in all)
> 3. replaced the mechanism in the upstairs bathroom toilet
> 4. replaced screen on French doors
> 5. repaired ceiling in downstairs bathroom
> 6. fixed two sticking doors
> 7. stripped and painted all kitchen cabinets
> 9. replaced kitchen sink
> 10. replaced refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave, and garbage
> disposer
> 11. painted kitchen
> 12. painted downstairs bathroom
> 13. fixed closet door in living room
> 14. repaired hole in living room wall
> 15. replaced kitchen countertops
> 16. installed under cabinet lights in kitchen
> 17. repaired kitchen cabinets
> 18. installed two electrical outlets
> 19. hooked up ice maker


Such a pretty sink, don’t ya’ think?  And Lynn had to cut two more holes in that sink (it only came custom ordered with three) in order to fit the sprayer/ faucet and dishwasher drain.    Yup he pretty much is the most amazing guy around!  (I don’t know any except him that are good looking, handy and smart)!


In this picture, I have finished priming all the cabinets except 4 drawers.DSCN1356

An even prouder moment---the completion of two coats of paint to 4 cabinet doors!  I was very careful not to drip paint (except on me)!


The drywall project before, during and after!  Yup, He’s amazing!



The ceiling good as new!  We just have to paint—that’s it!DSCN1360

While I was busy being sick, Lynn completed the painting of the cabinets!  Wow!DSCN1361

And he hung the cabinet doors!  Don’t they look pretty?DSCN1364

Next Blog:  The Beginning of the End and how much and how long this week long project took!  Enjoy your tour of Homes by L&M Construction!


JED said...

No reason for you kids to wonder what your mom and I are doing as "empty nesters:" all we do is WORK! I am grateful that I can work, but it is wearing me out! I admit I am proud of how I modified the sink and the results of repairing the ceiling in the bathroom. You would never know there was any storm damage down there!

Anne said...

holy cow. Nice work guys! I bet you also saved a ton of $. and in awnser to your email dad I did not post a comment b/c sundays are kind of busy dad? duh!

Connie said...

Wow good job you guys! Lots of work but what a fun bonding thing for you two empty nesters. I LOVE YOU BOTH!

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