Sunday, May 9, 2010

Doughnuts! O’ Boy, O Boy!!!

DSCN1323 This is a post devoted to Brody Michael Balluff, grandson and fellow doughnut lover in the family!DSCN1315

So, Friday night for our date night, Dad and I decided to take a “break” from the actual work of fixing the kitchen, and check out Lowe’s  for flooring options which is in Alexandria close to this place.  After a nice dinner at the Outback Steak House (in the same location as Lowe’s), our intentions were  to go to a movie, but then we perused the area and found another Home Depot which had the same time of flooring as Lowes for 1/3rd the price!  So, now we were on our way to the Home Depot on Pickett Street to set up a measure of our kitchen(it is closer to our home---and once you start working with one store, you have to stick with them).  Anyway, on our way back to Pickett Street we saw this and knew we had to stop first, if nothing else than to be one with Brody!DSCN1325

So yes, their hallmark sign of “hot now” lured Dad and I in, and this is our story:DSCN1317





Needless to say, they were yummy and gone in an instant!  I didn’t even remember to take a picture of us consuming them (I don’t think I had the time to)!  All I can say is Doughnuts!  O’ Boy! O’ Boy!


Connie said...

Hahahahaha! I wish Brody were awake so he could see this but the little guy is out for the count tonight. I'll show him this tomorrow... then again, it would mean we'd have to go get more doughnuts and I feel huge enough! lol Happy Mother's Day mom! I love you guys!

Melody said...

Wow Sweetheart! You were quick with your comment! God willing, Someday Brody will visit this place with us! At three months along, you certainly are NOT huge, but I know what you mean! I indulged in a little too much Mother's Day chocolates myself, so I'll definately be working out in the morning! Love, Mom

Anne said...

who doesn't love doughnuts mom? I guess bman's the only one? happy mothers day

Melody said...

Sorry to offend Anne, Connie just blogged Brody's excitement, that's all- Love, Mom

JED said...

OH BOY DOUGHNUTS! Good times...I love being with my honey!

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