Sunday, January 29, 2012


I just have to say that I am in the business of stealing amazing one liners from my adorable and perfect to me grandchildren. Brody used this one in a cute conversation he had with Elyse when she was texting Perris this past summer. The conversation went something like this, "Whatcha' doin?" Texting Perris. "AW, LUCKY!!!!!" Brody exclaimed that in a tone that showed he totally meant it. As the year ended last year, we were blessed by a visit by Connie, Tony, Brody, and Hyrum at Thanksgiving, and then at Christmas, Mike and Arely Nelson, and Perris and Elyse Nelson. In January everyone left and now I have the memories of great times to keep my mind and heart happy. I decided that like Brody said, I was Lucky to have all these times, truly lucky so I wanted to share some of them that come instantly to mind. The pictures may or may not match, but I did want to share. First, I was lucky to get a real tree for Christmas. I was lucky that Connie and Tony served as judges in the flip of the coin toss, as Lynn and I battled it out over artificial verses real tree. I was lucky that Connie and Brody went with us to pick out the tree the day after Thanksgiving. I was lucky on the 16th of December when Mike and Arely showed up at our doorstep late in the night. I was lucky to go with them shopping for chili relleno ingredients at Whole Foods and lucky that the Christmas tree seller gave us as many cuttings as we wanted for free so we could make a wreath. I was lucky to have made the most beautiful wreath with Arely and that Mike served as engineer of proper wreath binding and hanging! I was lucky for movie going, and church going with 4 of us instead of two. I was lucky that on the 19th after I finished tutoring, Perris and Elyse arrived. I was lucky that we spent lots of wonderful time together, the six of us now, movie going, bowling, football game watching, seeing ICE at the National Harbor, and sliding down the ice slide twice, the last time Perris telling me he would go with me. I was lucky to have gotten the pictures of it I have. I was lucky to go to church with 6 of us and show off the family! I was lucky that I got to play "poo" with Perris and Elyse and Mike and Arely. I was lucky to have gotten the most amazing Christmas ever. I was lucky to go to the Washington D.C. Temple with everyone. In conclusion, I was lucky simply to have spent time talking with Mike and Arely and Perris and Elyse and to share that all with the love of my life, Lynn. And, I was truly lucky to have cooked and baked and decorated with my amazing girls, Arely and Elyse.! I am the luckiest mother-in-law in the world! Not only are my girls talented and amazing, but they are both beautiful and kind and I love them with all my heart! Yes Brody, I am truly, LUCKY!!!!


Connie said...

Aww sweet. Too bad I look liked death in these pictures! haha. Both days, I just have to say (for the record) I had just woken up from a nap. Nap hair city.

Anyway other than that looks like you guys had a blast and I was LUCKY too that we got to visit for Thanksgiving. It was good times! Love you mom

PERRIS said...

we are LUCKY to have you as a mom!

JED said...

How did you respond so FAST??? I just found out!!!

I love that crazy mother of yours!!!

wholesouls2 said...

I am truly lucky to have you all for my kids! I mean that with all my heart!

Mike said...

It was fun. Worth every minute of the car ride out there.

wholesouls2 said...

Coming from you Mike, that is a true compliment since I know how much you "love" road trips! Thanks so much for sacrificing to come! Love, Mother

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