Sunday, December 4, 2011

I am Thankful for....

Aw, the simple joys of childhood---the olive on the finger! I am thankful for that and...
I am thankful for having family come to enjoy Thanksgiving with us! Thanks Connie, Tony, Brody and Hyrum!
I am thankful for Hyrum and grandchildren that are truly thankful! He even clapped at eating this dinner!
I am thankful for Ice Skating at Pentagon Row and experiencing Brody's first try at it!
I am thankful for family that will pose when you want a picture!
I am thankful for bowling and Brody's first time at it! I am thankful that Hyrum wanted to get into the action!
I am thankful for having simple family fun!
And for happy things like lollypop turkeys and grandkids that enjoy them!
I am thankful for seeing Hyrum enjoy himself
I am thankful for seeing Brody in action and for hearing his delight as he knocked down the pins!
I am thankful for Brody's Turkey creations. He made them by himself!
We were all thankful for lunch from Ho's!
I am thankful for new high chairs and having adorable grandchildren to fill them!
I am thankful for Hyrum's 1st birthday and the joy of family playing together! I am also thankful for Jed Rock and Brody having T.V. time together!
I am thankful for family walks, spending time together, and for grandchildren small enough to climb on dishwashers!
I am thankful for Connie and Tony for making the drive out to see us!
I am thankful for smiles, and oreo turkeys that we made on Sunday night.
I am thankful for seeing Brody delight in playing with other children on the church lawn. I am also truly thankful for being able to go with Connie, Tony, Brody, and Hyrum to church. Last but not least, I am truly thankful for my Big Bear, the grandchildren's Jed Rock for making these times all possible.


PERRIS said...

awww. cute.
I am thankful for you guys!

mike said...

looks like all good memories. Im glad connie and her family were able to make the trip out there. Family is important. thanks for the post mom.

Connie said...

It was the best trip ever!!! Thanks for putting up with us for so long. We miss you guys a ton!!- but we are glad we could visit for the holiday. Brody talks about going back all the time.

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