Monday, November 29, 2010

Veteran's Day Weekend in Fayetteville, North Carolina 2010

 At Tammy's house, you can expect to eat gourmet.  Both Robert and Tammy are wonderful cooks! Here is my Sunday morning breakfast; homemade crepes, fruit, steak, eggs, potatoes, grape juice.  I literally ate like a queen!
Even the cheese in my grilled cheese literally melted in my mouth and the variety of fruits was amazing together!

 We went to Church together at the Spanish Branch.  I enjoyed trying to understand the service in Spanish.  Afterwards, I verified my knowledge with Robert.  I understood some messages right, some dead wrong!
 Right before I left, I enjoyed posing as a biker babe on Robert's beautiful Harley
 And I really enjoyed the real biker babe (Tammy Clere Ortiz) giving me a ride on her beautiful bike!
 Robert and Tammy.  It was cute.  He told me he got the cookie out of the cookie jar with her!
 Lynn and Tammy had a deal with this recumbent bike.  She got the bike, he got money for a new TV
Unfortunately, it has a gazillion pieces to put together!
 A determined, happy Tammy!
 Robert fixes me an authentic Puerto Rican lunch;
 Beans, Rice , pork chops and
 amazing fried plaintains!

I loved our bike-ride on Saturday afternoon. 
 This is their Maltese---Tuffy, in his cool riding glasses!
Tammy and Robert Ortiz

Tuffy, Tammy and I


Mike said...

Looks like you had fun. I'm glad. I've never seen a dog wear biking glasses before. To me, that's funny.

wholesouls2 said...

Yeah Mike, I suppose even the pups need to protect their eyes! Thanks for commenting! Love, Mom

Connie said...

What a fun time glad you got to see tammy! Ps. MOM they have a Sprinkles in the DC area- it's actually in Georgetown. So you know where we'll go every time we visit (since we won't be living close to one for long!) And you should feel lucky because there are only 5 stores or so!

wholesouls2 said...

Great! Sounds wonderful! Love, Mom

Connie said...

I better clarify- it's not open YET it will next year though (January or February... just in time for someone's birthday) (;

wholesouls2 said...

Wonderful! I had to look it up for the address as soon as I could, and I found out the news about next year. I will keep you posted as to when we go! Love, Mother

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