Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our “New Arrival” Wednesday November 17, 2010

He loved the TV he won in 2006 for carving a pumpkin for a commissary Halloween Contest.  He won for carving President George Bush
Dad loved the television he won in the commissary pumpkin carving contest of 2006.  He carved President George Bush.

But, out with the old!  Here he is giving the old TV "the boot!"
But, out with the old---this T.V. lasted ironically until Dad's 51st birthday of September 19, 2010.  So, it's out with the old as Dad gives his former beloved T.V. "the boot!"
I have to add my goodbyes to our old HD television set.  Afterall, I helped Dad win the set by providing pictures of the pumpkin lighted in the dark!
I had to have the area for the new television vacuumed, and was about to do it, but Dad volunteered and used the shopvac to clean it`
A more flattering view of your father1
Did you say 55 inch?
Did you say 55 inch?
In case the 55 was hard to see...
In case the 55 was hard to see...
Tony, one of the installers with our new TV stand.
This was one of the T.V. installers setting up our new cabinet first.  His name was Tony.
Lynn gets close to viewing Heaven!
Dad gets close to viewing Heaven!
Our new arrival is here!
Lynn and Melody loving their "New Arrival!"
Such a proud moment for us!
Here, Lynn and Melody are loving each other!
The proud "parents!"
We watched Alias together.  This was the tail end of it.
What an adorable baby!
On the very day we got our "new arrival" of the television set, Connie gave birth to this aweseome new arrival to our family unit--Hyrum Anthony.  He was born Wednesday November 17 at 7:01 a.m. and weighed 7 pounds one ounce.  He was 19 and 3/4 inches long. He's petite for now, a real beauty of a boy! This is the "new arrival" that Dad and I truly love! 


mike said...

I wouldn't call you the parents of the TV rather it's children seeing as it will be raising you both. Teaching you of the world and what not. Hyrum looks small. Congrats to connie on him.

Melody said...

Well Mike, I see your point, but ultimately WE are responsible for what the T.V. plays, making us the PARENTS. Good parents don't let their babies control them, no matter how persuasive they may try to be. Hyrum is small right now; about the size YOU were when you were born. I remember living in the Utah house with you as a newborn, and then moving to Yucaipa when you were 4 months old. I enjoyed being your Mommy and your sisters and brothers Mommy. I also enjoy seeing your sisters take on that role now. Love, Mother

JED said...

Hyrum is so cute! Thank you Honey! LUB BAR

Connie said...

"Hyrum looks.... small". haha! How about GORGEOUS! DARLING! AMAZING! CUTEST EVER! haha

wholesouls2 said...

Connie, Yes he is all of those goes without saying since it is simply fact! Love, Mother

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