Monday, February 1, 2010

From Spain With Love/ January 31, 2010



I was so going to blog about our snowstorm of yesterday, all 5 to 7 inches of it, but now that is so mundane in comparison to this blog.  I do want to mention that Lynn had to drive home in the snow last night since he was at a commander’s meeting in Pennsylvania earlier in the day having left Friday, and that it took five hours instead of the 2 something it normally would have to get home thanks to the snowy, slippery, weather conditions.  Considering, the over 140 traffic accidents reported in the region, I am just glad to have him safely home.  He got home around 7:30 and happened to notice a box on our doorstep.  It was a package from Spain, from our Missionary son Perris!


Since Perris intended it for all, I do want to share this with all of you.  I tried to post this to blogger tonight, but after 16 minutes of letting the upload go round and round, I thought you might just enjoy seeing your brother without sound bites too! Enjoy!

I think I will opt for the you tube way of doing sound bites, since I have 6 to share, but that will come when Connie teaches me the ways of the blog!  Love, Mom








Anne said...

I esp. love that last picture. My brother is a stripling warrior!

Anonymous said...

Yeah that last shot is the Dan Jones shot....every missionary does one of is good to see him. I cant wait for the sound bites. Thanls for the post mom.
Love Mike

Melody said...

Mike, Who, by the way, is "Dan Jones?" I'm glad you both liked the post! Love, Mother

Connie said...

Perris looks awesome. AND FREEZING! I love you all!

Anonymous said...

read PMG mom it has a painting of him as one of the chapter headers.....(PMG=preach my gospel)
love mike

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