Sunday, November 8, 2009

This and That!

Pomegranate anyone?   We bought ours from the local Harris Teeter's  on a deal for 2 for $5.00!  Mine was o.k.tasty until I saw Dad's!  You gotta' love the juicy redness!  Instead of saying, the grass is always greener, I say,  "the pomegranates always redder in his bowl!"  Still in all, it will be nice to get another soon from the "real place for pomegranates"---California, of course!  California here we come! November 20th that is...

Do you know how to roast pumpkin seeds?  Start with the guts of the pumkin like the first picture, , and then rinse until it looks like the second one.  Then you pat dry a bit until it looks like this, sprinkle with some kind of salt and pam and roast in the oven at 325 degrees for about 25 minutes until you get something resembling the fourth picture for a delicious, nutty, spicy thing that's o, so good for you too!

Finally, Remember my vandalizing neighbors.  Well, I just wanted to show you their latest work.   First we start with the guy that tries to blend into the tree---he figures, " If I act like I'm invisible, she'll never notice me!"  But, being the intelligent human that I am,  I realize that there's a whole gang of vandals and I notice---the distractor!---this friend of the perpetrating vandal who says to himself---"hey, maybe if I scratch, she'll never know what is going on below."  But down below, I notice a very fat squirrel friend niblbling hard on my pumpkin and then sitting up to enjoy the spoils, clean his paws of the evidence (and to swallow)! Now,  I took these pictures on my lunch break and by the time I returned home, there's not very much of a pumpkin left!  It's now been a few days since this crime went down on my property, and I will have to admit that even though I caught these vandals (in the very act), they are still at it, ...I have proof that will hold up in court!....a final piece of evidence to show you later!

Finally, for all of you who love her, you deserve a picture of the dog, Molly, who very graciously accepted the fact that she must go in a pop up kennel for her wounds to find relief.  Honestly, once the kennel was in place and the sleeping pad was put in, Molly chose of her own accord to go in.  She is such a good girl.  Tonight when I was talking to my Mom, she said she would pray for her and called her a sweet girl.  Yes, Molly, you are my sweet girl! (Well, to anyone she loves)!

Molly weighs about 49 pounds now, she is not fat as this picture seems to show---that's all tumor, poor girl, but she has an appointment Wednesday with the surgeon for a consultation.  Pray for her!


Anonymous said...

Awww I miss my poor baby Molly. She is a sweet girl and I cant wait to see her at christmas.

Connie said...

Oh poor molly! I'll pray for her... MAN is she old. She's so cute.

Mom I love your blog. I was wondering how to make pumpkin seeds! I was going to roast mine but didn't have the time or patience to look up how. Now I know (:

That squirrel was really thingking.. "what nice people live here- they keep leaving food on their door step for me". He'll be back... lol

I'm jealous of the pomegranates... jealous, I say!

Connie said...

Wait.. mike... what?! Christmas?! You'll be there too!!!!??!?!

Anonymous said...

Love your comments kids! You made my day. Afterall, I posted so late and you followed my blog! I feel loved! You are too! Love, Mother

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