Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just some pictures of what our neighbors did on Halloween night!

We never carved this pumpkin and still it's skin is missing---perfectly carved out ---it looked like the perpetrators used a paring knife!Pumpkin shavings lay on the ground!
Goofy's face is gone!The lid is half eaten!

Our candy from Halloween!

So everyone, you remember last post when I talked about the neighbors vandelizing things, well, here is only part of what they did!  Dad said it really was MY FAULT because the sign read. "Please take one piece of candy!"  But I told him that pumpkin isn't candy! Apparently to this guy, it is!  Needless to say, right now I am not on speaking terms with this neighbor of mine!  As you can clearly see from the picture, he/she is avoiding me altogether! 


Melody said...

Do you see the perpetrator in the picture? It's kinda like a "Where's Waldo?" but he's there none-the-less!

Connie said...

Hahaha! I was going to say that was very elaborate of the punk kids but as soon as I saw that devil squirrel the world started making sense! You are a regular blogger now, I love the pictures! Esp of the things you guys did/candy you had for halloween. I love it!
ps. Dad of course I knew it was goofy, duh! :p

Anonymous said...

I hate those stupid squirrels! If its not the trash they always find something to screw up. Great story mom!

Anne said...

Hey you were giving out some good candy! what jerks your neighbors are!

Anne said...

oh I just noticed the squirrel! I did think that your neighbors were working too hard on a prank! funny!

Anne said...

PPS I miss the squirrles!the abundant crows we have just aren't as cute.

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