Thursday, October 14, 2010

Keeping up with the Balluff’s! October 11, 2010

Not to be outdone by Connie’s recent blog about her Halloween Pumpkin Patch escapades, on Monday the 11th in honor of Columbus Day, Lynn and I were both off from work, so we spent our day in similar fashion! This first picture is of the bake sale.  My favorite goodie was a brownie, chocolate chip bar!  Yummy!  When I figure out the recipe for this one, I will share!P1050205


We got that feeling for fall that is so common this time of the year, even though the weather that day was 80 degrees!P1050209


We took our couples picture that I love so much!  Lynn was happy with just one, so this is it!P1050216

It was hard work picking the “perfect pumpkins” but I  walked away happy with our purchases!P1050215


I really had fun with my handsome one, your father, and Jed Rock to the grandkids!P1050213

This is the “pumpkin patch” we have the tradition of going to—it is off of Quaker Lane, and Seminary Rd.  The address is 3606 Seminary Rd. Alexandria, Va.  It reminds us of Grandma Nelson as it is an Episcopal Church.P1050217

After we left the pumpkin patch, I was hot and thirsty and in the mood for ice-cream from Baskin-Robbins!P1050222

Guess what flavor ice-cream I was in the mood for? That’s right, pumpkin of course!P1050224

Later that day we put out our pumpkins for a picture only!  We can’t leave them out for fear of squirrels!  In fact, our neighbors bought a pumpkin that day as well, left it out, and not it is history for all the hungry squirrels in the neighborhood!P1050230

I wanted a quick dance with someone, but found this guy a little “stiff!”P1050231 P1050235 P1050234

Later that night we walked to Fairlington Pizza as part of our Family Home Evening.  O’ yeah,  we walked to breakfast this morning to Bob and Edith’s Cafe.  All in all, we logged in over 9 miles of walking together this day. It was a great way to stay fit and welcome in our fabulous fall!




I told Anne I would show her my new magnetic “spice rack”.  The rack is actually the side of my frigerator!  I am so proud of this. I now have room for food in my cabinets, instead of just spices.  My labels were made with the new label maker Lynn suggested I get that is computer compatible. Go ahead, spice up your life like I did mine!


JED said...

The only good use of pumpkin is feeding squirrels. I had fun because of the company I spent the time with...

Connie said...

That spice rack is awesome! Looks like you guys are having a blast- I'm SO jealous I can't be there this beautiful time of year. Btw, Brody still knows your names very well I asked who's that? Who's that? And he said "Gramma Nelson" and DATS JED ROCK!" He always says Jed Rock with so much enthusiasm.

But DAD... I know another good use of pumpkins.... WINNING YOURSELF A FATTY TV! Don't forget that!

Perris said...

Amen sister.

haha. I love how our family goes to the same place year in year out. there is something to be said of tradition.

Mike said...

I'm glad you are enjoying life! I love you both.

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