Sunday, September 5, 2010

She had a “good run” in life! He was a good cat!

This has been a hard post to do for me.  My main reason is that I am trying to use scanned pictures,

and this program is not one I am familiar with.  Bear with me as I learn the ins and outs of using

old scans.  The main thing I am trying to do is remember 2 old friends and family members:

Molly May Nelson and Smokey Nelson.  Molly came to us May 1st of 2005, having been born

the year before, and Smokey was saved by our children from the abuse of the neighbors dogs

around the same time frame.  Molly lasted until Saturday August 28th, 2010 and Smokey

was with us until February 2, 2008. 

One memory of Molly is that she always stole the couch when she could---

Perris had to give up his spot for Molly!

Christmas in Yucaipa, Ca. Anne, Connie, Mike, Molly, Perris


Hey, we were tired!

 Melody and Molly rest on Molly's favorite couch!

No doubt we had recently returned from one of our long runs

through the streets and hills of

Yucaipa, Ca. Our runs went anywhere from 4 to 6 miles long!

Melody's running partner Molly Yucaipa 2002

Perris is opening his birthday present:  Molly sleeps peacefully by! Perris has a birthday, Molly is there! 















Molly loved being with us, even when we washed the car!  She enjoyed

being sprayed as the California sun was usually quite warm!

Molly and Anne wash the big blue van! 

Quintessential Molly 2001

Quintessential Molly May 2001---As Jolly as any Christmas Day!

This last picture was taken at the San Antonio Koa in June of 2004 and shows

the Lynn and Melody Nelson family having a last hurrah of sorts

(I know you all LOVE IT WHEN I SAY THAT).  We were never

to be the same again---or as small as a family unit again!  I remember Perris

helping me to make a mean barbecue at this time.

Mike graduated then as a medic from Ft. Sam Houston and we were so proud

of him---He’s such a smart boy!  Perris began Lacrosse in 2004 at Wakefield High

School in Arlington, Va. and was an honor student (such a smart boy as well)!

Anne married November 27th that

year to Silas Molino, and had

Alexander Perris November 16, 2005,Everett Spencer 2 years after

(November 9, 2007)  and

Clara Macie (our daisy) just last year (November 3, 2009).  Connie married

Tony Balluff on Columbus day (October 12, 2006), and had

Brody Michael March26, 2008.  Hyrum

is expected on black Friday of this year, but I think he will decide to come

a few days earlier.  

Nelson Family June 2004, San Antonio, Texas KOA

At any rate, I think that Molly (and Smokey) would have us remember them for the

good times we had for them. I read a scripture on the morning of Molly’s passing

that said be glad and don’t fear!. One of the things that helped me during this time

is that I had my Perris with me when Smokey died and the whole family around

loving me through this time of Molly’s death—even Grandma Nelson and my Mother.

My Mom said she would miss Molly because---“Molly was the best dog!”  Michael even

shared the video he made of her when she was much healthier jumping over the

laundry basket at the Avalon.  As we all know, she loved running, tennis balls, and

any people food that could give her diarrhea!  She had terrible allergies and arthritis!

She was a mess, but she was our dog, a real family dog, even though she had

bonded with me inseparably over running.  We stopped running when she was 13 1/2/

2 1/2 years ago.  Molly stayed at a pet hotel in Springfield during the last week before

she became so violently ill.  They wrote of her:  “Age has not taken away from Molly’s

poise and grace.  She is as majestic as a goddess and as beautiful as an early sunrise.

Her sweet, compassionate eyes relfect a love and ambition that will never die.

She relishes the fresh breeze on her fur and the scent of the grass in her nose".

Truly she had a “good run” even if she did hate old ladies, blondes, and little

children, and Smokey was, as usual, Smokey---a true scaredy cat!

 Nelson Family June 2004, San Antonio, Texas KOA


Connie said...

I love the pictures mom- especially the one of you and molly sleeping. That is so precious

Anne said...

Mom I loved this post. I want every one to know for the record that the reindeer picture of molly was my doing. I loved how she would bear though dress up torture from us. That letter the pet hotel wrote is true of her. Last but not least, I loved how you threw in molly's hate list. great memories.

Mike said...

Yeah nice post mom! I love Molly and Smokey...they both deserve such a nice post so they can live forever through the magic of the internet.

Melody said...

Yeah, I suppose one of the things that endeared me to Molly was her "humanity." She had some flaws in her character, but was totally devoted to the original six of us Nelson's! I am glad Anne made Molly dress up. Who knew it would epitomize Molly? And wow Mike, I never thought about the fact that one can live forever through the internet; long live Molly and Smokey!

mike said...

oh hey mom i think you put the wrong years said molly came to us in 2005 and smokey the year earlier....i think you meant ten yrs earlier than you put...

JED said...

It's been several weeks since Molly passed away. I hated taking her and still think about it a lot. Boy do i feel guilty; it is hard to think she had to go and I did it. She was a good, stupid, smelly dog. I miss coming home to her.

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